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We’re offering two funding programs for Games in 2013/14

  • Screen Marketing – Games Release
  • Screen Development – Games

Please note we've made minor changes to guidelines for 2014 so read them thoroughly to determine if you're eligible and use the updated templates and application forms on this page.

Find out about our Games Professional Placement program

Deadlines are available here

Here’s our former Digital Media Manager, Brad Giblin talking about our Games programs.

A huge thanks to Michael Woods and the team at Media Saints for putting this clip together for us!


Screen Development – Games
  • assists Victorian games developers to create a diverse range of games for any distribution platform, with an emphasis on the creation of intellectual property (IP) and long-term benefits for their business
  • companies will be eligible for an investment of between $30,000 and $90,000 to develop a prototype or full game, depending on level of experience
  • funds are available to invest in commercially appealing projects that can attract overseas interest, create jobs and succeed in the global market. 


Screen Marketing – Games Release
  • assists Victorian companies with limited or no experience in releasing games to deliver a well-planned and marketed release of their project
  • companies will be able to apply for grants of up to $25,000 to attach marketing, business and legal consultants to their project
  • this support aims to make both current and future releases more successful, and allow the companies to develop skills and networks critical to releasing games successfully.


Which program is best for you?
If you You should apply for What you'll get

Want support to release a complete or soon to be complete game


Are a newer or smaller studio with limited or no experience releasing games

Screen Marketing -

Games release

A grant of up to $25,000, which you can spend on activities related to releasing your game

Want support to develop a prototype or full game


Have a team with the requisite skills attached to the project

Screen Development -


An investment of between $30,000-$90,000 to develop our game, depending on your team’s experience

Our Games programs give Victorian developers valuable support to develop and market high-quality games for global audiences.


Screen Development - Games guidelines and application form (300KB)


Screen Marketing - Games Release guidelines and application form (320KB)












Screen Development - Games

Budget pro-forma (74KB)


For initial queries, email or call Program Manager Clara Reeves on +61 03 9660 3224