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Women in Games Fellowship
  • Up to $25,000 is available per fellowship, as a grant, for women to undertake key creative, management and/or leadership roles in the games industry
  • Established to help address the current gender imbalance in both the local and international games industries
  • Deadline date: 5pm, 6 May 2016

Assigned Production Investment - Games
  • Generally capped at $150,000, funding is available to assist Victorian games companies to produce a prototype or full game, and also for marketing and related expenses
  • All applicants to this program are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $550 ($500 plus GST) at the time of application.

Games Release
  • Up to $30,000 is available as a grant to support Victoria’s newer and smaller games studios to deliver a well-planned and marketed release of their project
  • Funding can be used to assist with legal fees, marketing assistance, business development and licensing costs

Games deadline postponed

Due to a greater demand on previous funding rounds, the 22 April deadline for Assigned Production Investment – Games and Games Release will now be delayed until early in the new financial year.

For those with time-critical applications intending to apply for the 22 April 2016 round, please contact Program Manager, Clara Reeves before 29 January 2016 to discuss the possibility of a late submission to the current round.

Our games programs assist Victorian games developers and companies to create and market a diverse range of games for any distribution platform.


Please read our new Terms of Trade (340KB) alongside the relevant program guidelines below.



Women in Games Fellowship (166 KB)

Assigned Production Investment - Games (187 KB)

Games Release (439 KB)

Games Professional Placements (209 KB)


Application Forms

Women in Games Fellowship

Assigned Production Investment - Games

Games Release

Games Professional Placement

Acquittal Forms

API Games Milestone Report

Games Completion Report - API Games

Games Release Acquittal Report

Completion Report - Games Professional Placements


Check the deadlines for these programs.

For initial queries on the Women in Games Fellowship, Assigned Production Investment - Games or Games Release please contact Kate Riley on +61 03 9660 3234.

Program Manager Clara Reeves +61 03 9660 3224


We encourage applicants to produce games that are accessible to people with a disability, including audiences
with visual, auditory, cognitive or mobility impairments. Please refer to the International Game Developers Association guidance for more information.

Application Resources

API Games and Games Release budget template