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Project Company Production Status Shoot Wrap Contact
 Barracuda Barracuda Productions Pty Ltd  In Production  04.11.2015  17.12.2015  T:  03 9524 2683 
The Doctor Blake Mysteries Series 4 December Media In Production 07.09.2015 15.12.2015 T: 03 8645 8199 
(Anna Tupicoff)
 Hunters  Matchbox UCP Productions P/L   In Production  03.08.2015   11.12.2015  
Neighbours FremantleMedia  In Production  January 2015 December 2015 
Tomorrow When the War Began Tomorrow When the Began Skagos Series 1 Pty Ltd In Production  17.8.2015 16.10.2015
 Wentworth Series 4 FremantleMedia  In Production  10.8.2015   9.12.2015


Project Company Production Status Contact
 Earth Story December Media Pty Ltd  In Production  
The Force  Seven Network (Operations) Limited  In Production
The Search for Life in Space   December Media P/L  In Production 

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