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Using the Film Victoria logo

We’re proud to support you and your project, so we ask that you acknowledge this support by crediting Film Victoria. Your written funding agreement will outline the requirements for crediting us, including use of our logo.

You must only use our logo if you have a written funding agreement with us requiring you to do so, or if you have been given our express permission in writing.

The guidelines outlining correct use of our logo can be downloaded here, but in a nut shell:


Our logo consists of the ‘V’ icon, the Film Victoria Australia logotype and the Victorian Government Insignia. We are a State Government statutory authority, so these two components must be used as a single graphic item.

Our logo:

  • is a specifically drawn artwork and should not be redrawn or altered in any way
  • should always be reproduced using the artwork files supplied
  • should be used in in mono (black) or reversed (white)
  • must only be used to acknowledge our support as specified in your agreement with us.

FV logo example - mono  FV logo example - reversed


Preferred minimum size
The preferred minimum size is 76mm wide.
FV logo example - 76mm

Smallest minimum size
In instances where the logo must be shown as 75mm wide or less, the smallest minimum size is 47mm wide and a SMALL version of the logo must be used.
FV logo example - 47mm

When using either version the Victorian Government Insignia must appear at least 13mm wide.


Our logo is surrounded by a clear space to ensure prominence and legibility.

The clear space area is illustrated by the rectangular box, which remains free of all other elements, such as other logos, type and imagery.

The clear space area indicates the minimum area of clear space required and should be increased wherever possible.

FV logo example - Clear Space 76mm  FV logo example - 47mm


The colour used for logo is black. To ensure consistent colour reproduction use the given values for the appropriate mode of production: 

Pantone Black C
Pantone Black U
C=20 M=20 Y=20 K=100
R=0 G=0 B=0



  • stretch, slant, distort, rotate, angle or colour the logo  
  • place it on a background that conflicts with or compromises legibility
  • use our logo in any other way than is specified in your agreement with us.


For more information contact: Lee Taylor, Online, Marketing and Communications Advisor at lee.taylor@film.vic.gov.au or call +61 3 9660 3261.

Download our logo guidelines (786KB)

Preferred size and small logo versions are available as:

- AI / Reversed AI
- EPS / Reversed EPS
- TIF / Reversed TIF

Download the zipped folder of the Film Victoria logo in all formats


For more information contact:
Lee Taylor
Online, Marketing and Communications Advisor at
or call +61 3 9660 3261