2016 Game Developers Conference Attendees

The following organisations and individuals received support through Film Victoria's International Travel program to attend the 2016 GDC.

Antony Blackett
Big Ant Studios 
Checkbox Studios 
Christopher O’Neill
Crackerjack Games 
Current Studios 
Giselle Rosman
GOATi Entertainment 
Grapple Gun Games 
Horse Drawn Games 
Io Normal 

Jason Bakker
Jonathan Murphy
Justin Cavenagh
Kamina Vincent
Lampshade Games 
League of Geeks
Loveshack Entertainment
Lumi Publications 
Mark Ryan
Michael Blackney
Michele Iannello
Mighty Games Group 
Nathan Antony


Opaque Multimedia
Points of Engagement
Robot Circus 
Samurai Punk 
Sound Librarian
Sprinter Sports 
Surprise Attack 
The Voxel Agents 
Three Phase Interactive 
Valorian Games 
Wander MMO 
Well Placed Cactus