2019/20 Gifts, Benefits and Hospitality Register

Date Recipient Donor Offer Estimated Value Decision Ownership
11/8/19 Head of Marketing and Screen Production Attraction Hard Hat Dinner Call That Tough event $100.00 Declined Not applicable
10/12/19 Business Support Officer* JLL Building Management Christmas hamper for all staff $100.00 Accepted Transferred to Organisation
13/12/19 Chief Executive Officer STAN Australian Open ticket $200.00 Accepted Retained by Individual
17/12/19 Communications and Content Advisor Yut Art & Video Gift hamper $100.00 Accepted Transferred to Organisation
8/1/20 Chief Executive Officer & Chief Financial Officer Tennis Australia Tour Australian Open media centre at Australian Open $1,000.00 Accepted Retained by Individual
16/1/20 Head of Screen Industry Programs & Manager Production Attraction and Support Nine Network Australian Open opening day tickets and lunch $1,000.00 Accepted Retained by Individual
31/1/20 Film Victoria Foxtel Foxtel HD Platinum subscription $950.00 Accepted Transferred to Organisation
1/2/20 Production Executive Tennis Australia Ticket to Australian Open $200.00 Accepted Retained by Individual

*former employee