Industry awards

Film Victoria hosts two annual industry awards which recognise the significant achievements of screen practitioners who have excelled in their craft, and made a significant impact on the Victorian screen industry.

Seen & Screened

Established in 2008 Film Victoria’s Seen & Screened event celebrates the talented practitioners within the Victorian Screen Industry (Film, Television and Digital Media/Games) who have achieved the significant feat of getting a project to screen in the previous calendar year.

Greg Tepper Award

This award began in 1992 in recognition of the passionate industry advocate who worked at Film Victoria for 13 years and was widely praised for his contribution to Victorian film culture. He sadly passed away in 1991.

The award was initially presented as part of Film Victoria’s Three Crowded Hours event and was incorporated into Seen & Screened in 2008.  

Past recipients

  • 2018: Corrie Chen
  • 2017: Kitty Green
  • 2016: Wayne Hope & Robyn Butler 
  • 2015: Anna McLeish & Sarah Shaw 
  • 2014: Joanna Werner
  • 2013: Tony Briggs
  • 2012: Shaun Grant 
  • 2011: Sophie Byrne
  • 2010: Nicole Minchin 
  • 2009: Philippa Campey 
  • 2008: Matthew Saville 

Tim Richards Award

Since 2008 the Tim Richards Award has been presented at Seen & Screened. Tim was an industry leader and an advocate for mobile content and games development, particularly for the Victorian sector, who sadly passed away in 2008.

Past recipients

  • 2018: Lumi Consulting
  • 2017: Lisy Kane
  • 2016: Hipster Whale 
  • 2015: Loveshack Entertainment
  • 2014: Antichamber
  • 2013: Wicked Witch
  • 2012: Matthew Hall
  • 2011: The Voxel Agents
  • 2010: Firelight Technologies (FMOD)
  • 2009: Firemint
  • 2008: Infinite Interactive

Screen Leader Awards

Established in 2012 Film Victoria’s Screen Leader Awards recognise the impact of screen industry practitioners who have displayed outstanding leadership, achievement and service to the industry. In 2016 two new awards were presented, recognising the crafts of screenwriting and directing.

Jill Robb Award

Jill Robb was the inaugural CEO of the Victorian Film Corporation (now Film Victoria) and a member of the Film Victoria Board from 1983-1989. As a producer and executive Jill has been a role model for many screen practitioners, particularly women working in the screen sector.


John Howie Award

John Howie was Film Victoria’s President from 2003 and was also Chair of the organisation in its previous incarnation, from 1989-1992, before Cinemedia was established.


Jan Sardi Award

Jan Sardi is an eminent screenwriter who is an inspiration to Australian writers at all stages of their careers.


Fred Schepisi Award

Fred Schepisi is an iconic director who has been invaluable to the Australian film industry as a director, producer and screenwriter.