Recognising Brilliant Women

Women in Games Fellowships

The Women in Games Fellowship is an incredibly exciting opportunity for me to be able to learn a lot and level up in 2017 - Lisy Kane (2016 recipient)

Launched in February 2016, the Women in Games (WIG) Fellowships assists women to undertake key creative, management and/or leadership roles in the games sector, with the aim of helping to address the low representation of women working professionally in the Victorian games industry.

The 2017 WIG Fellowship program supported Isabelle Gramp, Ngoc Vu, Marigold Bartlett and Shelley Lowe to undertake a range of local and international opportunities which assisted them to expand their skills, talent and knowledge relative to their individual needs.

Women in Leadership Development Initiative

It provided me with a stronger sense of how to use the diversity of skills and experiences within my team to better solve strategic challenges - Gabrielle Oldaker (2016 recipient)

Launched in 2015, in partnership with the Natalie Miller Fellowship, the Women in Leadership Development Initiative (WILD) initiative offers Victorian women up to $10,000 to undertake targeted professional skills development which will help them achieve their leadership aspirations by acquiring the business skills and expertise to confidently pursue leadership prospects.

Anna Kaplan, Fiona Eagger, Rita Walsh, Selin Yaman and Virginia Whitwell received fellowships in 2017, allowing them to tailor bespoke development opportunities to help them achieve their business and leadership ambitions.

Jill Robb Award

Jill Robb was the inaugural CEO of the Victorian Film Corporation (now Film Victoria) and a member of the Film Victoria Board from 1983-1989. As a producer and executive Jill has been a role model for many screen practitioners, particularly women working in the screen sector.

The Jill Robb Award recognises Victorian female screen practitioners who demonstrate leadership in the industry and who have attained international recognition for their exceptional work.

In 2017 Festival Director of the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Mitu Bhowmick Lange was recognised for her stewardship of a festival that has fostered cultural collaboration between Victoria's multicultural communities and enriched the State's screen industry event calendar, and acknowledged for the success of her film distribution businesses which have brought a diverse range of Indian content to Australian audiences.

Past recipients of the Jill Robb Award include:

Fiona Eagger and Deb Cox, Producers (2016)
Sonya Pemberton, Producer/ Director (2015)
Nadia Tass, Director (2014)
Jill Bilcock, Editor (2013)
Sue Maslin, Producer (2012)

Greg Tepper Award

The Greg Tepper Award is presented at Film Victoria's annual Seen & Screened event to an outstanding early to mid-career screen practitioner.

The following talented women have been recognised for their notable body of work and accomplishment in their field:

Corrie Chen, (pictured) Director (2018)
Kitty Green, Director (2017)
Robyn Butler (Gristmill), Writer/Producer (2016)
Anna McLeish and Sarah Shaw, Producers (2015)
Joanna Werner, Producer (2014)
Sophie Byrne, Producer (2011)
Nicole Minchin, Producer (2010)
Philippa Campey, Producer (2009)
Beth Frey, Producer (2001)
Ana Kokkinos, Director (1995)

Supporting Networks

Held during Melbourne International Games Week, Film Victoria sponsors the annual Women in Games lunch which brings together women working in the games industry, providing a unique opportunity to network and be inspired by other women who have achieved success in the games industry. 

Strengthening Partnerships

Film Victoria is a founding supporter of the Natalie Miller Fellowship which recognises and nurtures the next generation of female leaders in the Australian screen community, to inspire them to achieve outstanding success at the most senior levels of the business.