The Arcade

Established in 2013 with the support of the Victorian Government through Film Victoria, The Arcade initially accommodated two companies and has now grown to become the epicentre of games development in Victoria.

The Arcade was initially home to just two companies: Tin Man Games and Many Monkeys Development. Since then it has grown to become the epicentre of games development in Victoria, with more than 26 companies and two industry associations located here, including The Voxel Agents, Crossy Road creators Hipster Whale, Samurai Punk, award-winning Loveshack Entertainment, Considerable Content and Dime Studios.

Utilising a mix of hot desks and permanent spaces, residents of The Arcade work alongside like-minded colleagues in a spirit of collaboration and community, reaping the benefits of shared knowledge and networking.

The level of experience within the space ranges from indie start-ups to award winning developers and seasoned industry veterans. 

This breadth of experience, along with the opportunity to share concepts, seek advice and offer fresh perspectives, makes The Arcade a hive of creativity and a much-envied model nationally.

Multinational companies visiting Melbourne also make The Arcade a meeting point and base of operations, with the space playing host to organisations like Kickstarter, Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Disney, Unity, Amazon and Havok.

The Arcade is also actively working on a range of ways to nurture the next generation of game developers, which include partnering with the Victorian Government and local universities to offer workshops on skills development, planning, business intelligence and marketing. 

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The newer guys bring a lot of energy, but we bring a lot of experience. It all combines to create this really nice synergy. The new studios can learn from us, but we can still get fresh ideas from them.

Ben Britten Smith Tin Man Games