Melinda Neoh


  • 2015-2017 - Ich Bin Ein Star, Holt Mich Raus! (Int) TV Series, Reality, Granada Productions/RTL, Germany, Art Coordinator
  • 2016 - The Leftovers Series 3 (Int) TV Series, Drama/Fantasy/Mystery, HBO Productions, USA, Assistant Construction Coordinator
  • 2014 2016 - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now (Int) TV Series, Reality, Granada Productions/ITV, UK, Art Coordinator
  • 2015 - Childhood's End (Int) TV Mini-Series, Drama/Sci-Fi/Triller, Haypop Pty Ltd/SYFY, USA, Construction Coordinator
  • 2011-2012 - I Frankenstein (Int) Feature, Drama, Lakeshore Entertainment/Hopscotch Films, USA, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2010-2011 - Terra Nova (Int) TV Series, Drama, 20th Century Fox/Dreamworks, USA, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2010 - Bait (Int) Feature, Drama, Lakeshore Entertainment/Hopscotch Films, USA, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2010 - Killer Elite (Int) Feature, Drama, Omnilab, USA, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2009-2010 - Sanctum 3D (Int) Feature, Drama, Universal Pictures, USA, Construction Coordinator
  • 2007-2008 - The Pacific (Int) TV Mini Series, Drama, First Division Productions Pty Ltd, USA, Construction Coordinator
  • 2005-2006 - Nightmares And Dreamscapes: From The Stories Of Stephen King (Int) TV Mini Series, Drama, Coote Hayes Productions, USA, Construction Coordinator
  • 2006 - Where The Wild Things Are (Int) Feature, Children's, More Rice Productions/Warner Bros, USA, Painter
  • 2004-2005 - Ghost Rider (Int) Feature, Drama, Vengeance Productions/Sony, USA, Construction Assistant
  • 2003-2004 - Stealth (Int) Feature, Drama, AFG Talons, USA, Construction Assistant
  • 2002-2003 - Peter Pan (Int) Feature, Children's, Never Grow Up Productions/Universal, USA, Construction Assistant
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Special Effects Services

Pyrotechnics, Special Effects Coordinator

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  • 2009-2010 Sanctum Feature, Drama, Sanctum Productions, Australia, Special Effects Assistant
  • 2010 The Cup Feature, Drama, Puzzle Productions, Australia, Special Effects Assistant
  • 2007 Defiance (Int) Feature, Drama, The Bedford Falls Company, USA, Special Effects Assistant
  • 2007 National Treasure - Book Of Secrets (Int) Feature, Commercial, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, USA, Special Effects Assistant
  • 2007 The Seeker - The Dark Is Rising (Int) Feature, Children's, Marc Platt Productions, USA, Special Effects Assistant

One Take Wonders Pty Ltd

Special Effects Coordinator

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  • 2005 Boy Town Feature, Comedy, Molloy Boy Productions, Australia, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2005 Little Oberon TV Mini Series, Drama, Christie Films, Australia, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2002 Bad Eggs Feature, Comedy, A Million Monkeys, Australia, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2002 Darkness Falls (Int) Feature, Drama, Revolution Studios, USA, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2002 Scooby Doo (Int) Feature, Comedy, Warner Bros., USA, Special Effects Coordinator

Kristian Hilton

Special Effects Coordinator, Stunt Co-ordinator, Stunt Performer

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  • 2017 Residence/ Pilot Episode/ Action Comedy/ Bioscope film/ Australia/ Stunt/SPFX Coordinator
  • 2017 Dracula: Last Voyage of the Demeter/ Theater production/ Drama/ Bitten by Productions/ Australia/ Fight Choreographer
  • 2017 Lucia di Lammermoor/ Drama tragedy/ Opera production/ Opernhaus Zurich/ Switzerland/ Lead stunt double (Lucia)
  • 2016 Initiation/ Cult, Action/ Short/ Red Rock pictures/ Australia/ Stunt/SPFX Coordinator - Stunt double (Adam)
  • 2016 Red Wire/ Short/ Thriller/ Red Rock Pictures/ Australia/ Action consultant/
  • 2016 Knock Out/ Student project/ RMIT Film dept/ Australia/ Stunt Coordinator - Fight Choreographer
  • 2016 Cult Girls/ Horror/ Feature film/ Lithuania, Australia/ Stunt driver, Stunt double (Dalia)
  • 2016 No place for no heroes/ Student film/ Action/ Victorian college of the arts/ Stunt/SPFX Coordinator - Armorer
  • 2016 Secretions/ Horror/ Short/ Wrathful Deity Films/ Stunt Coordinator- Armorer
  • 2015 Check Mate, Short, Educational/Fantasy 2mins, OTTO Empire, Australia, Stunt Player/Fight Choreographer
  • 2016 Bonnie & Clyde, Short, Drama, 15 mins, Truce, Australia, SFX Coordinator/Safety Officer
  • 2015 Alison Wonderland - Games Music Clip, Commercial, 3mins, Lara Gissing Casting, Australia, Stunt Performer
  • 2015 Lucia di Lammermoor (opera) (Int) Live Event, Drama, 120mins, Zurich Opera, Switzerland, Stunt Double
  • 2015 My Darling Alex Short, Drama, 30mins, Quiet Giant Productions, Australia, Stunt Co-ordinator
  • 2015 The Lucifer Killings Feature, Drama, 90mins, Red rock pictures, Australia, Stunt Performer
  • 2014 60 minuten Switzerland (Int) TV Single/One Off, News/Current Affairs, 60mins, TVO switzerland, Switzerland, Stunt Performer
  • 2014 Conoce a Fanny Smith, la mejor atleta de Ski Cross (Int) TV Single/One Off, Commercial, 3mins, GSP GET SOME POPCORN GmbH, Switzerland, Stunt Double
  • 2014 Dhoom 3 (Int) Feature, Drama, 172mins, Yash Raj films, Switzerland, Stunt Performer
  • 2014 Leonardo V.1 (Int) Short, Drama, 90mins,, Switzerland, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2014 M. Electronics - High voltage days (TV Spot) (Int) Corporate, Commercial, 1mins, Produktionsleitung, Switzerland, Special Effects Coordinator
  • 2014 Rosconi (Track: Sojus Dream - Album: History Sugar Dream) (Int) Music Clip, Variety, 4mins,, Switzerland, Stunt Co-ordinator
  • 2013-2014 Samsung Galaxy S4 (TV & Viral spot) (Int) Corporate, Commercial, 2mins, Who's mcqueen picture gmbh, Switzerland, Stunt Performer
  • 2014 Small Hero (Kleine Helden) (Int) Short, Drama, 30mins,, Switzerland, Stunt Department Co-ordinator
  • 2014 Sonntag (Int) Short, Drama, 10mins, Film Gerberei, Switzerland, Safety Supervisor
  • 2014 SWitzerland National Bithday (Kanton Wil) (Int) Music Clip, Reality, 20mins, K-Stunts GmbH, Switzerland, Pyrotechnics
  • 2013 die nummer (directory assist) (Int) Corporate, Commercial, 2mins, Egli & Partner AG, Switzerland, Special Effects Assistant
  • 2013 Alone Together Short, Drama, 14mins, How good productions, Australia, Stunt Performer
  • 2013 Calanda Beer (TV SPOT) (Int) Corporate, Commercial, 1mins, Film Gerberei, Switzerland, Safety Officer
  • 2013 Covert Affairs (Int) TV Series, Drama, 120mins, Hypnotic Films & Television, Canada, Stunt