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Sherlyn Hii

Video Split, Clapper Loader, Data Wrangler


  • 2017: The Bureau of Magical Things Domestic Johnathan M Shiff Productions Clapper Loader
  • 2017: Brother's Nest (formerly 'Sibling Rivalry') - dailies Domestic Byrne Productions & Bison Films Clapper Loader
  • 2016: A Place to Call Home S4 - dailies Domestic Seven Productions Pty Ltd Clapper Loader
  • 2016: 7 Guardians of the Tomb (formerly 'The Nest') - 2nd Unit International Sleeping Otters Productions Clapper Loader
  • 2015: Wanted S1 Domestic Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd & R and R Productions Clapper Loader
  • 2015: Bleak (Pilot) Domestic Princess Pictures Camera Assistant
  • 2015: Jack Irish S1 Domestic Easy Tiger Productions & Essential Media and Entertainment Data Wrangler
  • 2014: Sammy J and Randy in Rickett's Lane Domestic Sticky Pictures Clapper Loader
  • 2014: San Andreas - 2nd Unit / dailies International Warner Brothers Pictures Clapper Loader
  • 2014: The King's Daughter (formerly 'The Moon and the Sun') International Brookwell McNamara Entertainment Inc. Clapper Loader
  • 2014: The Fear of Darkness Domestic Pandala Productions Pty Ltd Clapper Loader
  • 2013: Camp! - Dailies International Matchbox Pictures Clapper Loader
  • 2013: My Mistress Domestic Mini Studios Pty Ltd Video Split
  • 2012: Tracks Domestic See Saw Productions Pty Ltd Clapper Loader
  • 2012: Return to Nim's Island International Arc Entertainment Inc. Data Wrangler
  • 2011: The Sapphires - VFX Unit Domestic Goalpost Pictures Pty Ltd Clapper Loader
  • 2011: Bad Karma International Limelight International Media Entertainment Clapper Loader
  • 2011: The Straits - dailies Domestic Bala Pictures Pty Ltd & Matchbox Pictures Pty Ltd Clapper Loader
  • 2011: Bait 3D International Darclight Films Pty Ltd Video Split
  • 2010: A Heartbeat Away Domestic Pictures in Paradise Pty Ltd Video Split
  • 2010: Sea Patrol S5 - 2nd Unit / dailies Domestic Video Split

Simon McCutcheon

Production Designer, Art Director


  • 2018: The Inbestigators Domestic Children's 40 x 15 mins Gristmill Production Designer
  • 2018: Nowhere Boys Series 4 Domestic Children's 13 x 30 mins Matchbox Pictures Production Designer
  • 2017: Romper Stomper Domestic Drama 6 x 60 mins Rough Diamond Art Director
  • 2017: Picnic at Hanging Rock Domestic Drama 6 x 60 mins Fremantle International Art Director
  • 2016: Nowhere Boys Series 3 Domestic Children's 13 x 30 mins Matchbox Pictures Production Designer
  • 2016-2015: Emo The Musical Domestic Comedy 100mins Emo Productions Production Designer
  • 2015 : Nowhere Boys - Book of Shadows Domestic Children's 90mins Matchbox Pictures Production Designer
  • 2014: Nowhere Boys series 2 Domestic Children's Matchbox Pictures Production Designer
  • 2014-2012 : Time of Our Lives Domestic Drama Jahm Productions Production Designer
  • 2013: Anzac Girls Domestic Drama Screentime Art Director
  • 2013 : House Husbands series 2 Domestic Comedy Playmaker Production Designer
  • 2012: I, Frankenstein International Drama I, Lakeshore Entertainment Art Director
  • 2010 : The Killer Elite International Drama Omnilab Art Director
  • 2008: Blessed Domestic Drama Wilheart Zizani Production Designer
  • 2008 : My Year Without Sex Domestic Drama Hibiscus Films Production Designer
  • 2006: Romulus, My Father Domestic Drama Arena Film Art Director
  • 2006 : Where The Wild Things Are International Drama More Rice Productions Set Decorator
  • 2005 : The Book of Revelation Domestic Drama Wildheart Zizani Art Director
  • 2003 : Look Both Ways Domestic Drama Hibiscus Films Art Director
  • 2001 : The Quiet American (Int) International Drama Very Quiet Productions Set Dresser

Jana Plumm

Editor, Editor's Assistant


  • 2020: Untitled Documentary TV Series Domestic Documentary Amazon Studios Editor's Assistant
  • 2019-2020: Teen Mom Australia S1 + S2 Domestic Reality MTV Australia Editor's Assistant
  • 2019: How To Stay Married S2 Domestic Drama/Comedy Princess Pictures Editor's Assistant
  • 2019-2020: The Sky After Rain Domestic Midsumma Festival 3x Video Installations featuring stories from the Iranian LBTQIA+ community Editor
  • 2017-19: TVCs (Freelance) Domestic The Butchery & ARC Edit & Mr Fox Editor's Assistant
  • 2018-19: Paramedics S1 and S2 Domestic Factual WTFN Editor's Assistant
  • 2018-19: Seven's Cricket Season International NEP Group/Seven Editor's Assistant
  • 2018: Selfish Love by The Gaze Domestic Directed by Emily Dynes Editor
  • 2018: Buoyancy Domestic Drama Causeway Films Editor's Assistant
  • 2018: The Year Of Yes International Comedy TVNZ's New Blood Web Series Competition Pilot // Written & Directed by Mia Maramara Editor
  • 2018: Foodie International Comedy Drama NZ Someday Stories funded short supported by NZ On Air & the New Zealand Film Commission // Written & Directed by Mia Maramara // Co-edited by Yoson An Editor
  • 2018: XXI Commonwealth Games International NEP Group Editor's Assistant
  • 2018: A Peace Of Nourishment Domestic Documentary ABC & Mickey Finn Films Editor's Assistant
  • 2018 & 2020: I'm A Celeb Germany S12 (2018), S14 (2020) and UK S18 (2018) International Reality Cutting Edge Editor's Assistant
  • 2017-18: Her Words Domestic Online Interview Series (4x Episodes) Created by Domini Marshall Editor
  • 2017: The Real Housewives of Melbourne S4 Domestic Reality Matchbox Pictures Editor's Assistant
  • 2017: Nitro Athletics Domestic Live Sports Competition NEP Group Editor's Assistant
  • 2016-17: Boar Domestic Horror Universal Pictures and Slaughter FX Editor's Assistant
  • 2016: Kim Dotcom: Caught In The Web International Documentary Monsoon Pictures International Editor's Assistant
  • 2016: Fract International Thriller Written and Directed by Georgina Bloomfield Editor
  • 2015: Tehran Taboo International Drama Little Dream Entertainment Editor's Assistant
  • 2015: The Bachelorette Germany S3 International Reality ITV Studios Germany Editor's Assistant
  • 2015: Bruder vor Luder International Comedy Constantin Film Editor's Assistant
  • 2015 : Real Buddy International Comedy Mineworks Film Post Production Assistant
  • 2014: Nina International Drama Written and Directed by Mia Maramara Editor
  • 2014: At That Bus Stop International Drama Written and Directed by Masaya Kubota Editor
  • 2013: Dawn Domestic Drama Triptych Pictures Editor's Assistant

Shaun McAlpine


  • 2017: The Obesity Myth Domestic Documentary CJZ Associate Producer
  • 2016: Next Of Kin Domestic Drama 10mins Nicholas Carlton Productions 1st Assistant Director
  • 2014-2016: Mulitple Titles Domestic Advertising 2-3mins 50 Kaliber Films Producer
  • 2014-2015: The Secret River Domestic Drama 2x120mins Ruby Entertainment Assistant Accountant
  • 2014: Q & T Domestic Drama 15mins Grinder Monkey Producer
  • 2014: Thank You Red Cross Online Domestic Drama 2-3mins Kojo Production Manager
  • 2014: Upper Middle Bogan S2 Domestic Comedy 8x60mins Gristmil Production Secretary
  • 2013-2014: Fat Tony & Co Domestic Drama 9x60mins Screentime Assistant Accountant
  • 2013: Cliffy Domestic Drama 90mins Clock End Films
  • 2013: Hopscotch, Online Domestic Factual/Documentary 1min Foundation for Developing Cambodian Communites Producer
  • 2013: Wakey Wakey Domestic Drama 64mins Wakey Wakey Films Co-Producer
  • 2012: Redfern Now Domestic Drama 6x60mins, Blackfella Films Production Secretary
  • 2012: Upper Middle Bogan Domestic Comedy 8x30mins Gristmill Production Secretary
  • 2012: Volt: The Power Of $2.50 Domestic Commercial 1min AJF Production Secretary
  • 2011: Australia On Trial Domestic Drama 3x30min December Media Casting - Extra
  • 2011: Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms Domestic Drama 6x60mins Screentime Production Assistant
  • 2011: Possum Wars Domestic Researcher
  • 2011: Relationship Rehab Domestic Comedy 13mins VCA Co-Producer
  • 2011: Sante Fe: Family Time Domestic Commercial 6x1mins Red Lever/Crank Films Production Manager
  • 2011: StoneField "Blackwater Rising" Domestic Commercial 4mins Taxi Film Productions Production Manager
  • 2010: Gods Fools Domestic Drama 15mins VCA Producer