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Patrick McCabe



  • 2020: NO TIME FOR QUIET Domestic Documentary 55mins Film Camp, ABC TV Editor
  • 2020: TRUE VISION Domestic Documentary 25mins Motive Pictures, Film Art Media, Film Victoria Editor
  • 2020: THIS IS MEXICO Domestic Factual Entertainment 6x 25mins Dual Entertainment, Network Ten Editor
  • 2019: OUT OF RANGE Domestic Comedy Drama 13mins Brown Cabs, Film Victoria, SBS Editor
  • 2019: GREEN LIGHT Domestic Documentary 70mins Exile Entertainment Editor
  • 2019: KUTCHA'S CARPOOL KOORIOKE Domestic Factual Entertainment 4x 10mins Tamarind Tree Pictures, Brown Cabs, Screen Australia Editor
  • 2019: THE UNMISSABLES Domestic Documentary 6x 10mins Film Camp, ABC TV Data WranglerEditorDialogue Editor
  • 2018: HOW TO STAY MARRIED Domestic Comedy 4x 25mins Princess Pictures, Network Ten Editor
  • 2018: JOURNEY BEYOND FEAR Domestic Documentary 99mins Illusive TV, Soundfirm Editor
  • 2018: DEADLOCK Domestic Drama / Young Adult 60mins / 5x 12mins ABC TV, Screen Australia, Screenworks, Every Cloud Productions Editor
  • 2018: JOURNEY BEYOND FEAR International Documentary 98mins Screen Australia, Illusive TV Editor
  • 2017 : PAPER TRAILS Domestic Documentary 28mins ABC TV, Screen Australia, Film Victoria, Generator Pictures, Film Art Media Editor
  • 2017 : ST FRANCIS Domestic Comedy 5x 5mins Endemol Shine Banks, Network Ten Editor
  • 2017: WATER International Drama / Sci-Fi 12mins ABC TV, Screen Australia, Film Victoria, Mravicic Films Editor
  • 2017: ORACLE Domestic Fantasy / Childrens 14mins Resa Tela Films Editor
  • 2016: THE CARAVAN Domestic Comedy 7x 5mins Endemol Shine Banks, Network Ten Editor
  • 2016: PILLARS Domestic Drama 17mins Patch Adams Productions Editor
  • 2016: A BRILLIANT GENOCIDE Domestic Documentary 82mins Atlantic Star, Guilty Content Editor
  • 2016: THE GODDAMN ELECTION! WITH JOHN SAFRAN Domestic Documentary 56mins Princess Pictures Editor
  • 2016: TINSELTOWN Domestic Drama 10mins Staple Fiction Editor
  • 2015 : REG MAKES CONTACT Domestic Drama 12mins Screen Australia, Staple Fiction Editor
  • 2015 : THE DISAPPEARANCE OF WILLIE BINGHAM Domestic Drama 12mins Screen Australia, Guerin Group Editor
  • 2014 : GRILLZ Domestic Comedy 5mins Van Deomn Dames Films Editor
  • 2014 : RABBIT Domestic Drama 15mins Patch Adams Editor
  • 2013 : BEGINNER'S LUCK Domestic Comedy 8mins The Guerin Group Editor
  • 2013 : NEIGHBOURS Domestic Drama 4x 22mins Grundy Television Australia Editor
  • 2013 : THE MULE Domestic Drama 103mins Screen Australia & Cherub Films Editor
  • 2011 : BOUND BY BLUE Domestic Drama 70mins Geek Show Alley Editor
  • 2011 : EXIT Domestic Drama 90mins Surface Tension Films & Zero Gravity Management Editor
  • 2011 : FIRST CONTACT Domestic Drama 21mins VCA & Four Anchor Island Editor
  • 2010 : OH, UH, SIOBHAN Domestic Comedy 12mins Pastel Prairie Editor