Explore the locations within Victoria’s metropolitan councils and shires. Please select a council area from the map below and follow the link to view a gallery of locations you might like to consider for your next project.

Explore the locations within Victoria’s regional councils and shires. Please select a council area from the map below and follow the link to view a gallery of locations you might like to consider for your next project.

Showing 25 - 48 of 199 results

Showing 25 - 48 of 199 results

Register your locations

Do you own or manage a place you've always thought would make a great film location?

We're always eager to add new locations to our collection and there's no limit to what we might need. If you're in possession of a house, apartment, old horse stable, field with a lake, mansion, warehouse, snow resort, cinema (anything!), and you would like to promote it as film-friendly, let us know!

The service

Film Victoria collects images from various locations and shares them online via our public locations gallery listed on our website or via our private locations gallery that is exclusively available to Victorian Location Managers who actively scout for film and television locations.

This is a free service promoting ‘film friendly’ properties and is used to help show our State's versatile appeal for film and television. This is to attract and encourage local and international film and TV production.

This service does not guarantee that your property will be chosen for filming. It will guarantee that your property will be known by many of the right people, like Location Managers, involved in finding properties for filming. There are a lot of variables in their choice of a property. It's important to maintain realistic expectations when listing your location.

Being a part of the service in no way obligates you to accept any production enquiry or proposals. The decision to allow use and access to your property for filming is entirely yours. Any fee for the use of the property along with terms and conditions, should be negotiated and agreed to before any filming occurs.

Registering your property

To register your property we need the following:

  • 10-30 high resolution photos of your property; and
  • Confirmation as to whether you would like your property listed on our public or private locations gallery.

Your photos should be reasonable quality wide shots and demonstrate what the location looks like.

Image requirements:

  • Photos should be in jpeg format (and approximately 1200px in width if possible)
  • Photos should be in landscape format (so more of the property is in the frame).
  • Include a wide shot of the front and back of the property. Step back to show as much as possible.
  • For interiors, shoot from the corner of the room towards the centre then again from the other corner. This should capture most of the detail.
  • If a room is dark please turn on some lights for more visibility.
  • Try to avoid including people in the photos.

Please advise what gallery you wish to be listed in (private or public) and send us your photos by sharing via Dropbox or WeTransfer to: [email protected]

Indigenous map

View RAP Map

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 requires all Victorians to protect and conserve Aboriginal cultural heritage. Production companies and their representatives should determine whether proposed film locations are in areas of cultural significance to the Aboriginal people of Victoria.

Information about the cultural significance of a location can be obtained by the relevant permitting authority, such as local government, Parks Victoria or the Department of Sustainability and Environment. Advice should also be sought from the relevant Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP), an organisation legally responsible for managing and protecting Aboriginal cultural heritage for a given area in Victoria.

The Indigenous Map shows the various RAPs in Victoria. You can contact the RAP directly or the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council for further information.