Australian Production Design Guild to celebrate 2017 APDG Awards

 Congratulations to all nominees including those nominated for Film Victoria supported projects. They include:

  • Visual Effects Design: Lindsay Adams (The Leftovers Season 3) 
  • Make-up, Hair and Prosthetic Make-up Design: Tess Natoli ( Wentworth Series 5 
  • Costume Design on a Feature Film: Cappi Ireland (Lion), Tess Schofield (Dance Academy)
  • Costume Design on a TV Production: Cappi Ireland (Barracuda), Erin Roche (The Wrong Girl)
  • Set Decoration for TV Production: Vanessa Cerne (The Leftovers Season 3 Eps 3-8), Marian Murray (Barracuda), Rolland Pike (Seven Types of Ambiguity Eps 1-4)
  • Set Decoration on a Feature Film: Nicki Gardiner (Lion), Marian Murray (Dance Academy: The Movie
  • Production Design on a Web Series or TV Drama: Jo Ford (Seven Types of Ambiguity

A full list of nominees and booking details are available on the APDG website.