New documentary explores the power of art

A new generation of Australian-Muslim artists use creativity to fight racism and assert their own agency in the face of anti-Islamic bigotry at You See Monsters.

The thought-provoking documentary by Chemical Media is an inspirational story about the capacity of art to expand our horizons and enrich the idea of what it means to be an Australian-Muslim. It follows the creative endeavours of contemporary artists who are fighting anti-Islamic bigotry with creativity, satire and irreverence, emphasising the power of art to challenge assumptions and change the way that we view the world.

Film Victoria supported You See Monsters through its Assigned Production Investment program. Early career documentary filmmakers Kauthar Abdulalim and Eren Besiroglu were also supported for a five month placement observing and participating in the post-production process at Chemical Media for the project.

You See Monsters will be broadcast on the ABC at 9.30am on Tuesday 28 November and available on iview. Watch the trailer here