Film Friendly Resources

Whether you’re an employee responding to a filming enquiry or a member of a committee or community group wishing to learn more about the legal requirements of managing filming events in your area, we have tools and resources to help you out.  

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Victorian Film Friendly Guide

These resources have been developed to support the Filming Approval Act 2014 and to help provide local councils and public agencies with practical information on how to respond to film requests and process applications. 

Film Victoria has developed a number of resources to assist councils and public agencies:

Please contact us to access:

  • Standard film permit application form
  • Standard webpage content 
  • Filming in Victoria: A Public Agency Handbook
  • A Guide To Filming in Victoria

Screen Industry Code of Conduct

The Victorian Screen Industry Code of Conduct is a comprehensive and practical tool designed to benefit the screen industry, to safeguard community amenity against the impact of screen production activities and enhance the economic benefits of screen production in Victoria.

We developed it in consultation with key agencies and local governments, the Screen Producers Association of Australia, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance and the Victorian screen industry to best reflect the issues and policies that impact its practitioners.

The Code now includes a Safe Workplace Statement reflecting Film Victoria's commitment to actively working to eliminate sexual harassment and other unsafe workplace practices and behaviours in our industry. 

An important resource for filmmakers, the Code is provided as a recommended, free, optional resource for the production community in Victoria.

Occupational health & safety

Open Channel's Safety Checklist is a useful aid for setting up and reviewing an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) system for film and television.

Safe workplaces, mental health and wellbeing

Film Victoria is committed to supporting mental health in our workplace, and in the workplaces of those we support, and expect employers to follow the guidelines outlined in the Film Victoria Safe Workplace Statement.

We're also a member of the Arts Wellbeing Collective, a consortium of Victorian arts and cultural organisations whose shared vision is to effect better mental health and wellbeing for performing arts workers.

Visit their website for further information and access to free resources, including a recorded session with leading intimacy coordinator Ita O'Brien detailing best practice approaches to intimacy, simulated sex scenes, and nudity on set. 

Indigenous content and communities

Published by Screen Australia, Pathways & Protocols: a filmmaker’s guide to working with Indigenous people, culture and concepts, is a comprehensive guide for filmmakers working with Indigenous content and communities.

The Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 requires all Victorians to protect and conserve Aboriginal cultural heritage. Production companies and their representatives should determine whether proposed film locations are in areas of cultural significance to the Aboriginal people of Victoria. The Indigenous Map shows the various RAPs in Victoria. You can contact each RAP directly or the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council for further information.

Film Victoria encourages producers to acknowledge in their production credits the traditional owners of the land on which their project was produced. Please refer to Page 6 of the Film Victoria Terms of Trade.

Coworking spaces

Melbourne is home to more than 20​ forward thinking and flexible coworking spaces. If you’re a start-up, consultant or just curious about coworking, check out the City of Melbourne website to find out more about coworking opportunities and spaces.

In Los Angeles for business? Australians in Film (AiF) manage Charlie’s, a dedicated working and networking space for visiting Australian filmmakers. Find out more.

ACMI X is a 60 seat co-working space, dedicated to the creative industries and reserved solely for individuals, collectives and businesses working with the moving image. 


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