We fund the development and production of feature films, television, online and games and provide incentives for production and post-production. We also fund industry placements, attachments, travel to international markets and festivals and provide support for screen culture and industry.

Funding programs are developed in consultation with industry to ensure support is relevant, progressive and responsive to industry’s needs. 

Funding for Development

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Development funding supports Victorian writers and producers to develop high quality, marketable content for Australian and international audiences.

Funding for Production

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Production funding supports high quality, diverse and engaging film, television and online content for Australian and International audiences, which will generate production activity and employment in Victoria.

Funding for Games

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Our games programs support Victorian games developers to produce and market games for any distribution platform and help to build a strong, highly skilled games industry in Victoria. 


We offer incentives to encourage producers to bring their film and television projects to Victoria

Screen culture

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Screen Culture funding supports organisations to deliver activities that promote Australian screen content to Victorian audiences. 

Skills/Business Support

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Our Business and Production Skills programs provide opportunities and support for Victorian companies and practitioners to set objectives for future growth and develop and increase practical skills and industry knowledge.

Funding for Travel

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We support practitioners and companies to travel to approved international festivals and business delegations to encourage partnerships, business opportunities and promote Victorian talent globally.