The Victorian Government has teamed up with YouTube and Changer Studios to develop the digital content capability of Victorians, at a time when the creation and distribution of quality content online is more important than ever for connection, communication and the economy.

Victoria’s Digital Creator Program, funded through the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Creative Victoria, Film Victoria and the Victorian Music Development Office, supports the emergence of the next generation of Victorian digital creators via free virtual YouTube workshops.

Film Victoria CEO Caroline Pitcher yesterday made a virtual visit to a beginner YouTube workshop for content creators from East Gippsland. Leading the 30 online participants were Changer Studios and guest presenter Shad Brooks, a YouTuber from Moe with a 900,000-strong following. These short-form content experts focussed on teaching participants how to maximise their impact on YouTube.

Ten interactive workshops were scheduled to be held in Bairnsdale, Geelong, Bendigo and Melbourne between March and October, adding to the 13 workshops delivered by Changer Studios to 850 eager creators in 2019, the first year of the Victorian Government initiative.

Digital content capability is now recognised as an essential skill set for all businesses so to keep the program running in 2020, Changer Studios is delivering the workshops through a virtual platform. The switch to online delivery also means more Victorians can participate in the coveted workshops.

A specific music-focused workshop is being held this year in response to the findings of the 2019 VMDO Consumer Insights Study that highlighted the importance of video streaming for discovery and ongoing engagement with music. Additionally a number of workshops will be delivered as part of the Digital Innovation Festival in August and September.

With topics such as ideation and content development; YouTube algorithms, optimisation and success; and developing and innovating formats, as well as a unique YouTube Creator Accelerator program, the workshops will elevate established creators and encourage a new generation of Victorian YouTube creators.

Minister for Creative Industries Martin Foley said: “Creating great content and understanding how to connect with and grow an online audience is vital. The Digital Creator Program is designed to give Victorian creatives the skills to do this well, expand their reach, and develop their businesses.”

Film Victoria CEO Caroline Pitcher said: “It has never been more important to look at ways to grow and innovate in the creative industries, particularly for the screen and music industries. These online events ensures that opportunities for skills development and connectivity amongst our digital community is open and accessible to all Victorian creators.”

“Victoria’s Digital Creator Program supports shaping the future media landscape by fostering the next generation of short-form creators in our state and creating a stronger culture of creative entrepreneurship,” said Pitcher.

Changer Studios Co-Founder Ant McCormack said: “We’re thrilled to be delivering this program again in 2020 to capitalise on the energy and knowledge that has been built over the last 12 months and further focus on creative entrepreneurship and revenue growth for both new and established digital content creators.”

Google Australia Public Policy Manager Michael Cooley said: “Through these workshops, we hope to bring the next generation of YouTube creators together with experts who can help them forge successful careers, and provide them with the tools they need to make amazing content and build new audiences, both locally and internationally.

“Victoria is already home to some of YouTube’s most successful and diverse content creators and we’re looking forward to seeing who is next!” said Cooley.

Visit Changer Studios for more information on Victoria’s Digital Creator Program.