This page is correct as at 26 March 2021. For the latest information, visit the Victorian Government’s coronavirus website –

This page provides information and links to information, support programs and advice relating to coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you are not sure who to contact, please visit our staff list here.


New COVIDSafe Settings are in effect from 6.00pm on Friday 26 March 2021. To find out what this means for the creative industries, see Creative Victoria’s Restrictions summary and Q&As here.

For full details of the current Victorian restrictions, read the Victorian Government’s statement.

COVIDSafe Plan

  • All workplaces with on-site operations must have a COVIDSafe Plan.
  • Home-based businesses must also have a COVIDSafe Plan.

Face masks

  • From 6.00pm on Friday 26 March 2021, face masks will no longer be required in retail settings, but Victorians will still need to carry one with them at all times and wear it on public transport, in rideshare vehicles and taxis and in sensitive settings such as aged care facilities and hospitals (unless a lawful exemption applies).

Social gatherings

  • You can have up to 100 visitors to your home per day.
  • Up to 200 people can meet outdoors in a public place.


  • Every Victorian business that is open, or has staff on-site, must have a COVIDSafe Plan. This will help you protect your workers, customers and visitors. Your COVIDSafe Plan will detail the actions you will take to help prevent the introduction of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your workplace. Victorian Government Authorised Officers are closely monitoring and inspecting businesses to ensure they are following their COVIDSafe Plans. There are significant penalties, including fines and prohibition notices, for businesses that fail to follow these directions. For information on developing a COVIDSafe plan and what is required, including templates, visit the Victorian Government’s Coronavirus website – 
  • The Australian Screen Production Industry COVID Safe Guidelines have also been developed to provide specific guidance to the Australian screen industry that may help with your COVID safe Plan. NB: The Victorian Government’s Workplace Directions take precedence.
  • All businesses must record contact details of anyone on their premises for 15 minutes or more, including staff, customers and suppliers. Electronic record keeping is preferred.
    • Keeping an accurate record – and encouraging staff and visitors to your venue to register their details is vital to helping us track any potential spread of the virus. Signage to remind people of this requirement, in addition to other safety measures, is available.
    • The Victorian Government QR Code Service is free for all Victorian businesses, organisations, clubs and events. These records help contact tracers in the event a positive case of coronavirus (COVID-19) is identified. 
  • Our Location and Production Services team is working with councils and agencies to have the most up to date information and they are available to support Location Managers. Please connect with the team at [email protected].


Applications for funding development, production, key talent placements, industry attachments and games remain open and follow published closing deadlines. To view upcoming deadlines visit

Applicants will now be able to apply for production funding at any time and funding decisions will now be made within four to eight weeks to ensure a strong pipeline of projects ready for production.

Film Victoria has implemented flexibility across development funding guidelines, removing the requirement for market attachment for Development on Demand for television drama projects. This will allow us to support producers and creative teams directly affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. For more information, visit our latest news here.

Film Victoria has suspended its international travel programs.

To ensure the health and safety of Film Victoria staff and stakeholders, Film Victoria staff are working remotely and meetings will be held via tele-conference until further notice. If you are planning to visit the Film Victoria office, we kindly ask to contact us in advance to make arrangements on 03 9660 3215 or [email protected]